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Nordic Growth Group

Nordic Growth Group serve corporate management and owners by building and realizing full value of businesses. Our customers are corporate management, investors, private equity and entrepreneurs, served by Nordic Growth and Comset. Our broad experience with deep analytical approach and extensive network support your decisions to employ capital wisely, be it buying or selling. Boost competitive advantage or leverage strategic potential through acquisitions. Realize the full value of your business with optimal timing and execution of exit. Buy and sell well with us.

Nordic Growth

Nordic Growth helps active owners and management in choosing the right market by executing the transactions required. Nordic Growth has its roots in private equity and active ownership. We believe that value can be built in two ways: Choose the right markets and operate business efficiently in the chosen market.  We can participate with equity as minority owners in selective cases.

Comset Corporate Finance

Comset understands entrepreneurs. When it’s time to sell we are there with undivided attention to execute swiftly. Our team approaches every mandate individually and with focus, taking into account customers’ objectives and desires. Comset operates efficiently and cost-effectively, succeeding or failing quickly. www.comset.fi/en


We serve companies and their owners as well as private equity and other investors.

Strategic acquisition

Buying a company is always a strategic decision with specific drivers. We always make sure the buyer and we understand them before proceeding with the transaction. We meet a substantial number of companies every year, so we could already know the right company. For best result our involvement doesn’t start with the decision to acquire a company, and it doesn’t end with the closing of the deal. We work as your partner during the whole process.

Equity and debt financing

Company balance sheet should be structured so that owners can reach their objectives. We analyze optimal financing structure for acquisitions, exit, restructuring or growth. We negotiate with the parties to get the best possible deal.

Equity participation

We invest in minority co-ownership in selected cases, provided we can add value and depending on the interests of the lead investor or main owner.

Value and exit

Are buyers buying when the seller wants to sell? Quite often timing is an issue in selling a company. And it is not as much related to the company to be sold as it is to the expectations and situation of the buyers. Value of a company is always the sum of future cash flows, and every buyer has different set of expectations. Our job is to know the business and the buyer so well that we can make the full value visible, making closing the transaction easier.

Ideas and deal flow

We have regular contact with thousands of companies in the Nordic area. There could be an opportunity for you. Our long private equity experience helps us in recognizing potential target companies and growth cases.

Value growth and more

We use private equity approach in growing company value, getting as much involved as required. Strategy work, corporate governance, valuations and financing, as well as board work are our tools, always designed for an individual case.


Extensive global network

Established international network of more than 200 business professionals, who cover a wide variety of industries and other sectors. Nordic Growth Group has direct contact with over 2,500 SME owners and many prominent European institutional investors. Team has executed a number of cross-border and international transactions with and without partners.

Professional Partners Network

Professional Partners Network is a non-profit network for seasoned business professionals with the objective to create opportunities and to act as a confidential network for investing and value-building in Nordic companies.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in participating

WIP Asset Management

WIP asset Management Ltd is an independent asset management company established in 1995. Their goal is to secure and increase the wealth of their clients by making long-term equity investments in high quality companies based on fundamental research. WIP follows buy and hold -strategy, and they specialize in Nordic countries and the Baltic sea region. www.wip.fi


Nordic Growth team has wide combined experience of transactions and value growth: transactions 33 years, industry 28 years, services 17 years,  private equity 12 years.


IT services
Exit completed at a level considerably above expectations. Key was preparing the company message and uncovering value which owners didn't identify.
Cross border divestment
Divestment of one business area to a named international buyer. Achieved very good valuation through thorough understanding of the business area and the objectives of the buyer. Conducted all negotiations with seller's support.
International digital services growth and exit
Helped grow company value as board member and through strategy work. Approached globally all identified potential buyers and visited most of them to raise their interest. Successfully exited the company after competitive bidding raised the initial offer by thirty per cent.
Maximizing exit value
A buyer had right of first refusal to buy a company. As seller's advisors we searched for other buyers. One external bid at a good level resulted in exit at a value above expectations.


Nordic Growth seeks opportunities to invest in selected companies. We can invest in any sector in companies with the following characteristics:

  • Revenue history and cash flow
  • Management team
  • Nordic Growth can add more than money


Nordic Growth believes that financial services is the sector where new business models together with already existing and new technologies are causing a disruptive change.

We are interested in supporting and participating in innovative, growth-oriented FinTech companies operationally and at board level, in addition to the full portfolio of services we can provide. We are interested in FinTech companies regardless of stage or progress.

Contact Us

Erkki Hietalahti

Tel. +358 40 578 4110

erkki.hietalahti (at) nordicgrowth.com

Investment banking and private equity background. Cross-border transactions and strategic realignment

Jari Honko

Puh. +358 50 554 0343

jari.honko (at) nordicgrowth.com

Equity research, investment and project management background.
M&A projects and strategic alternatives.

Vesa Hopia

Tel: +358 40 841 5816

vesa.hopia (at) nordicgrowth.com

Corporate finance and financial management background. M & A transactions and corporate actions.

Asko Kapanen

Tel: +358 40 055 1471

asko.kapanen (at) nordicgrowth.com

Transactions, sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Exit process and value growth actions.

Päivi Husu

Tel. +358 40 067 0071

paivi.husu (at) nordicgrowth.com

Finance and accounting background as entrepreneur. Fund management and multi-country financial management

Peter Immonen

Senior Advisor

Investment management and corporate governance. Economic performance and investment trends.

Tuula Jalonen

Tel: +358 40 751 0018

tuula.jalonen (at) nordicgrowth.com

Administration and organization background. Operations management and process flow.

Tiina Karhula

tiina.karhula (at) nordicgrowth.com

Sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Customer contacts and marketing.

Tina Hietalahti

tina.hietalahti (at) nordicgrowth.com

International financial management and relocation background.
Chinese contacts, investment and financial management.

Matias Pönniö

Tel: +358 40 839 1986

matias.ponnio (at) nordicgrowth.com

Investment and corporate finance analysis background. Company value and balance sheet analysis.

Aleksi Pulkkinen


Mobile +358 40 5732953

Corporate finance analysis background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Niklas Lindqvist

Tel. +358 40 750 7629


International financial analysis and investment management experience.
M&A transactions.

Laura Torniainen

Tel. +358 40 647 3644


Audit & assurance background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Marianna Heiska

Puh. +358 50 414 3522


Corporate finance and market analysis background. Financial analysis, valuation.